Construction Financing

Constructing your dream home has a lot of great opportunities for you and your family but financing the construction can often be difficult and time-consuming.

At Banyan Mortgage group, we remove the barriers and make it easier for homeowners and builders to finance their custom homes. Whether you are a small builder, medium or large sized company, you are often competing with larger construction companies for available funding. These companies will penetrate the market in different ways with a unique financing solution that gives them a competitive advantage to take on more projects. Accordingly, each builder has their own unique demands, which often stretch beyond a simple funding requirement.  We proudly provide our clients with many flexible construction finance options that can get your new build completed with less stress and ideal drawdowns that meet your needs.

Throughout the building process, a construction mortgage rate carries interest rates with interest-only payments which can then be converted to the standard mortgage terms when the property reaches 97% completion.  As you may already know, each project has its obstacles. We proactively help connect our clients to an array of lenders with competitive rates and more importantly,  terms that fit your criteria. Some of our lenders have years of experience in the construction industry, and cooperatively help clients achieve their desired goals and let you focus on building the dream home, stress-free.

We can help finance your construction projects for

A builder who owns a lot and is looking to build it on spec
A joint venture partnership development
A refinance and cash out to meet any urgent business expenses
A builder who builds for end users and requires construction financing
An investor who utilizes a builder to build on land you own OR have purchased to sell or keep for personal use
Up to 70% of the appraised end value or land, although could be higher based on your scenario
A property owner who would like to utilize existing real estate equity to acquire and build another property
A builder, end user or investor who is looking for a bridge loan to advance construction to the next stage OR complete construction
A fully open loan and interest only payment solution

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