Mortgage Renewal & Transfer

Is your current mortgage renewing within the next 4 months?

Do not go ahead and sign your lenders renewal sheet without shopping your mortgage around. This service could ultimately save you thousands of dollars and remove any hassle of renewing at higher rates. Almost 70% of homeowners renew their mortgage without negotiating or shopping their mortgage at renewal. All our existing clients are a part of our ongoing free mortgage management service which will ensure that they are renewing on the best term and rate that suit their needs. At the time of your renewal, banks tend to renew your mortgages at higher rates closer to the posted rates with little to no discount. If another lender is offering much better rates than what you’re being offered with your current lender, we will be able to switch you over for very little to absolutely no cost to you. If we believe that your offered term and rate with your current are much better, we will also let you know.

All in all, we want you to make the best decision possible at renewal, whether that means switching or staying with your current lender. This service is absolutely free for you. Given your mortgage is one of your biggest expenses, it is the reason you should be looking for the best interest rate and terms that suit you. Working with Banyan Mortgage Group ensures that lenders compete for your business.

A process that might take a few hours of your time could save you thousands in the long term.

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