Just like you, we are also business owners and we understand it doesn’t always pay to be self-employed and qualify for a mortgage you deserve. Almost 1 in 5 Canadian income earners are self-employed, we understand the increasing need for competitive mortgage rates and terms. We work with lenders that offer excellent mortgage options, understand tax write-offs and significant reductions in declared income. We have creative yet fair methods of determining your gross income as a self-employed individual. We have excellent products for business owners, contractors, IT contractors, real estate professionals and medical professionals.

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Medical Professionals

For medical professionals with either a growing or already successful practice, we can help you obtain financing at competitive rate & terms for the purchase of a commercial property to run your practice, to invest in Real Estate or purchase/ refinance a home. We understand how medical professionals derive their income and leverage medical, holding corporations and family trusts for wealth protection and tax efficiencies. We are happy to collaborate with your advisors (financial planner, lawyer and accountant) to ensure alignment of the recommended financing strategies with your long-term wealth, tax and estate plans.

We can help business owners,
contractors and industry professionals with

Competitive mortgage rates and terms
Creative financing solutions to maximize qualifying amounts
Stated Income programs
Unique financing programs for medical professionals in residency
Refinance options available
Down payment could be as low as 5% depending on strength of application

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