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First-Time Home Buyers

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Looking for your first home?

Thinking about buying your first property?

Buying a home is probably the biggest financial decision you will ever make, and for a majority of Canadians, it requires getting a mortgage. At Banyan Mortgage Group, assisting first-time home buyers have always been a key part of our portfolio of services and we’ve built a mortgage process that has you at the centre. Purchasing your first home really is like investing in yourself. Whether you are recently graduated, just married or simply tired of throwing your money away every month on rent you need the services of a top producing Banyan Mortgage professional. Remember, we work for you, not the banks or other lenders so you get unbiased advice.

We have assisted many clients like you purchase their first home and make informed and responsible decisions at each stage of the buying process. Our priority is to get you pre-approved as quickly as possible so you can start looking for a home. With purchasing a home there are many upfront and ongoing costs. We provide you with all possible costs associated with homeownership so you don’t expect any surprises. We look at your entire financial plan and goals to determine the best mortgage product and structure for you. We look at where you are today and where you see yourself in 5,10,15 years and determine how to structure your mortgage for today to ensure that you are in a position to accomplish your goals for the future.

Looking for your first home?

A majority of the mortgages we assist with are placed with either Scotiabank, TD Canada Trust or another mainstream lender with a large network. We often get large discounts with these lenders as we produce a large volume of mortgages and those savings are passed to you. We are extremely proficient in all products and services and often know them better than the lender themselves.

Our relationship with you does not end at the end of your mortgage, we are here to manage your mortgage and ensure we are consistently on top on it. We do not disappear at the end of the transaction, we will connect on at least an annual basis to ensure that you have the best options or to work through a move to a new property – whatever the scenario, our expectation is to work with you throughout the life of the mortgage.

First-Time Home Buyers Receive:

  • Competitive rates and terms
  • A simplified and transparent process
  • First-time home buyer benefits (our first time home buyer strategy will save you thousands)
  • A complimentary annual mortgage review and report
  • A detailed breakdown of all costs associated with your purchase
  • Tailored mortgage planning to pay your mortgage off quicker and save thousands in interest during the term
  • Ongoing management of your mortgage

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