Ajay Mahendran

Partner & Mortgage Broker

Ajay’s venture into mortgage brokering and the founding of Banyan Mortgage Group began with his strong intention to educate and help reduce the challenges individuals encounter when financing real estate.  Ajay’s passion for real estate investment started when he was an undergraduate student in Ottawa, where he helped flip a multiplex in a joint venture and soon after a 120-year-old duplex in Newmarket. Ajay is a strong believer in investing in real estate to build wealth. His prior experience as a Financial Planner with AT Financial Group provided him with the knowledge and skills set to help his clients better manage debt and inspire them to become systematic real estate investors.

Aside from mortgages, Ajay is also an enthusiastic entrepreneur who helped found a handful of successful businesses. In his free time, Ajay enjoys spending time with his family, cooking, and taking on DIY projects around the house.